Lil Jon,Young Bloodz Damn Lyrics

They callin' me to came back to tha streets
who, Sean b A.K.A or a sharp crease said it was necessary
these sucka n____ out here very scary
they cuffin hole they livin' in tha month of February
ok den put a sense a n____ on display den
kick in ya door and have my folks to bring them K's in
I'm still added A double T.I.C
it ain't no hoe out there foreal who don't know bout me
b____ I'm foshow wit it
don't make me pop that trunk to tha lack b____ I will go get it
and I ain't selfish I will let you and yo folk feel it
wont catch me sippin' on no cris and got a cold belly
its Youngbloodz A-TOWN malt liqua sippin
comin' straight from tha gutta
toe taggin a m____ f___a leave him unda a cova
lil john he drop them beats and make them bounce like rubba
Sean Paul he toat tha heat that will make u mug then slugga

if you don't give a d___ we don't give a f___
[Repeat 4x]
don't start no s___ it won't be no s___ [x4]
[Repeat 4x]

[John B]
I post up get to it drank hand and hand
they call me mister harin bone cuz that's my right hand man
old school straight foolish like no otha indeed
wit lil john its Youngbloodz get crunk as can be
added crew 105 thats if u lookin to rumble
c___ back and bust ay now I done got yo numba
in tha club u gone feel it when it drop this summa
like rain we gone pour and hit u hard like thunda
cuz in tha dirty we them bois that drank you unda a table
where them n____z pimp hoes fly suits and gatas
in my Chevy so supa I'm tha one to call
jus dial 1-800-400/acohol
and dog I'm not tha one you jus wanna clown
I'm coo in my way but s___ still I shut em down
jus p___ on em hatas
J Bo he cuts a foo in a cut bout sizzled somewhere thats how we do


[Sean Paul]
out of town hard head get swiss g's up
and you gone need mo stitches to patch that leak up
jump like ree
up I'm all GB'd up
wit tha plush leatha gut steady grippin tha b___
ooo you foshow wit it
a pull ya pistol show a n____ you ain't hoe wit
and I ain't selfish I will let you and yo folk feel it
talkin' big boy s___ mean muggin like a m____ f___a wit my hand on my d___

[John B]
yeah yeah cuz I'm for real we keep it jumpin' like it ain't nothin new
we started off we shake em off so hey partner or guess who
its dem boys from dat bottom who took you down 85
and hit you wit that U WAY so rookie don't be surprised
we buckin blowin killa and sippin on sumthin good
I'm peepin out tha scenery wishin a n____ would
in case it jus might pop I'm out ready to lock and load
to take you through tha south to show you how we throw them bows, yeah

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