TVXQ Hug - English Version Lyrics

Once I say I love you I think you would be gone. Oh baby.
Cause we are too young to love so I can't say little long hold you in my arms.
But I will be waiting for you to say you want me to be with you.
I'll live in your love and your dream forever and ever.

* Whenever you look in my eyes. There are so many smiles and tear.
I was born to love feel so deep inside if you need me I'll be your man.
Whenever you look in my eyes. I do want to show you my love.
I make up my mind make your dreams come true.
Nobody can stop me to say I love you.

How can I ask who you are still looking for I'm the one. Oh baby.
Since love seems to make me blind I try to find all day long but I cannot hold.
We talk on the phone every night and so came closer day by day.
I touch you and kiss you and hold you to feel but in dream. [*]

In my arms & in my soul I want to hold you, baby.
You don't know how much I love you. Do you baby.
Like a sun rising up I can stop loving you can't hold back anymore. [*]

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