Treintje oosterhuis Treintje Oosterhuis - I'll Say Goodbye Lyrics

I'll say goodbye
And walk away from all this pain inside
This love will die
It's an endless road so I'll say goodbye

Verse I:
I think about the times that we spent all alone
Think about the times that I would drv your tears
Help you through all your fears
Now you're telling me that you have to move on
When I needed you the most you let me down
Won't see my tears, our love has gone

Repeat Chorus

Verse II:
I don't understand how good love can go wrong
Must have been a lie that I laid
All my hopes ard dreams
Holding back my feelings I won't let them show
upon them show
'cause now I realize I have to face the truth
And try to let you go

Repeat Chorus

I'll s ay goodbye
Can't count the tears I've cried
Can't find the reason why I should live
In endless confusion
l'm gonna spread my wings and say goodbye
It's time for me to fly

Repeat Chorus

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