Mike Jones Dick Don't Fail Me Now Lyrics

d___ dont fail me now
(bounce dat a__)
Michel Watts Remix(n____)

Mike Jones (who)
Mike Jones (who)
Mike Jones
Ballin Undaground
From H-Town to funky town

d___ dont fail me now(dont fail me)
I gotta turn shorty out so
she dont want no body else(yeah)
but me and only me(Mike Jones)

I f___ a s___,get my d___ sucked then i(slide out)
I hit the cuts,maybe some bucks then I (ride out)
Im hot now so hoes trail me now,
My d___ gotta stay harder can't fail me now
i blew up, grew up in the game,now these s___s chasen
I f___ em, Leave em, send them home wi h some f___ faces
Mike Jones and my boy tharwa, nobody larger
When my d___ get hard,ill let anygirl as my hot saliva,
i neva clame the p____ mine, cuz it aint mine to clame
but fo sum reason when im in it they scream out my name
Mike Jones, Who?, Mike Jones, Who? Mike Jones-Jones-Jones
how u want it from da front of da back?
I love a s__c freak b____, thats so quick to attack
when she here my name at home or work she feend
she wish the time pass up so she can suck on my seem(seeeem)
tha light red ima missfit, love to get my d___ licked, s__ is so good when im twisted
gone on X so let ur self go, to a world that only Mike Jones know.
I know u got a man,but why should I complain(cuz i dont give a f___ about man yeah)
Im Mike Jones, Who? Mike Jones, and(i dont give a f___ about man yeah)
we run trains on other n____hs dance cuz(we dont give a f___ about man yeah)
Mike Jones I ran Cocain we(neva gave a f___ about man ooh)
Mike Jones, Whos is Mike Jones coming soon, Baby, yeah, my boi tharwa
I f___ hoes everyday n____h(cuz i dont give a f___ about man yeah)
I run train on otha n____s dance cuz(i neva gave a f___ about man yeah)

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