Roman Grey The Cafe Noir Lyrics

(In the) Stillness of the night
Beneath the silver summer moon
In the twilight of the dawn
This party's movin' on
And the castle eyes are turnin'
To the Cafe' Noir.

A million broken visions
As many broken dreams
All those cafe mirrors
Tell me what they see...

(At the) Cafe Noir.

There's a table by the door
It's lost inside this picture grey
And everyone's alone
And feelin's come and gone
And I could stay forever

A million lonely lovers
Laughing in their tears
And I need to know their stories
I need to count the years
Cafe Noir.

(In the) Calm before the storm
I know another sun will rise
Yes, I've seen it all before,
I've walked beyond that door
And I can never leave here
Forever ask for more

A million lonely lovers
As many open doors
Could I ever love you
Or ever know for sure...

I've cheated all before.

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