HSAS. Zomibies Organize Lyrics

all you zombies in the club raise your fists up high
f___ers can't hold us down, we too fly not to fly
republicrats and demicrins; they want you in their boat
so you'll line up like sheep, cos they told you how to vote
all your life you've been doing just what you've been told
all your thoughts have been bought up, processed, and sold
m_________ the president, and f___ the police!
gotta tell you right now, ain't no freedom before peace!

we comin out the grave like ah ah ah
we be eatin up your brains like uh uh uh
dead bodies bodies in the club un-i-i-te
rise up and join our fi-i-ight
you've got nothing to lose but your g-g-graves
they've got nothing to lose but their b-b-brains

all zombies disdain to conceal their aims
we'll tell your their names because we know who is to blame
rupurt murdock, condelezza rice, gotta tell you twice - george bush george bush, pope bennedict, know who's a d___? d___ cheney, jerry fallwell, pat robertson, carl rove, fox news, how can we choose?
they tell you their lies, and they call it news
they are in the business of keeping you amused
the fight against the bourgeoisies may immediately begin
we want to send capitalism into a tail spin
eating up the rich will be our sweetest retribution
let the ruling class tremble at the zombie revolution

nothing can stop us, we're a force to be reckoned with
don't misinterpret this, here comes a paradigm shift
dead bodies in the club tonight
rise up and join our fight
get your back up off the wall
to claim your undead right
shake that a__, yeah, shake it fast yeah

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