ZOMBIES! ORGANIZE!! i am the swoosh!! Lyrics

see me watch me love me buy me i'm on tv be just like me be a zombie

you see me everyday and i see you too
home from school i'm looking after you
if anyone loves you, you know i do
cool, i keep you from looking like a fool
you can be a winner, you can be star,
spend your dollars on me and we'll go real far,
walk with me, we'll go to her boudoir
i can help you understand who you really are
a couple hundred dollars will get you a pair
without my help you'll be looking like a square
you and i know, it's just because i care
look at your feet, i'll always be there

it takes us 30 seconds to tear you down
and another 30 seconds to teach you how
to be an individual just like the in-crowd
you gotta know that being cool is being cowed
how we make shoes sell hotter than crack?
how we take your $$ without you fighting back?
our commercials a 30 second cultural hijack
i stole your culture, now i'm selling it back
wearing the swoosh is paying to be a billboard
you gotta know that baby you are being w____d
and tacitly condoning s___ that should be abhorred
for oppressing the proletariat,
your $$$'s our reward

i can define you
i can undermine
i can confine you to a life of complacency
refine you
malign you
constantly entwine you in our branded soul
we see dollar signs you see the poverty line

when you think of the swoosh, do you think of michael jordon
flying through the air like he was flash gordon?
or a pile of nike shoes somewhere in vietnam
and a 1000 vietamese paid a dollar to sew them
nike loves money and they love sweatshops
make little kids work until they drop
make your mama bust her a__ around the clock
to buy them for you at 90 dollars a pop
how we take a shoe that costs 5 dollars to make
and when we sell it to you, a 100 dollars we take
if you think you're buying a shoe
you're making a f___ing mistake
what you're buying is the swoosh, don't even try to take
you're buying into an idea that you've seen on tv
if you want to be cool, you gotta be with me
on the side of your shoe, m_________er, that's me
i am the swoosh, i am nike

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