little georgie bush got zombies on the brain
zombies on the brain make little george insane

gonna use all of his cunning to destroy the infidel
cluster bombs, guided missiles, shock and awe them all to hell
take our entire villages make everybody pay
leave bodies exposed to rot and decay
he's boarding up the white house to expel the undead threat
and d___ cheney's in the basement surfing on the internet
he's gotta raise the terror alert
put it all the way to red
on the phone with the police, you've gotta shoot 'em in the head

green means low risk of zombie attack
blue means general risk of zombie attack
yellow means significant risk of zombie attack
orange means high risk of zombie attack
red means severe risk of zombie attack
on the homeland security advisory system
gotta listen and report all suspicious behavior
keeps your eyes open, be aware!, it could be your neighbor

he's going to cincinatti for a televised harangue
it was written by rove and the rest of the gang
broad casted live, these are the words he said,
"the recently deceased have risen from the dead!
the scientists have told us, but we still have some misgivings,
said recently deceased are feasting on the living
gonna implement a plan to keep everybody safe,
gotta trust your government, and try to keep the faith
i order every redneck who own a scatter gun
g'on and kill some zombies boys, go on and have some fun."

fallwell's on the phone saying "spread god's word,
the last days are here, it's the end of the world
the graveyards will swell with the dead's rebirth
when hell is full the dead will walk the earth
awake from eternal sleep, they will leave their beds
only a righteous nation can defeat the undead,"
to reverend fallwell, god had to say,
"i'd thank my lucky stars to be living here today.
cos the flag still stands for freedom,
and they can't take that away,
put all faith in me, and god bless the usa."

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