Pale Divine Pale Divine (live) Lyrics

There comes a time to meet your maker.
There comes a time to beg forgiveness for your sins.
As you hear your last words echo in your mind,
You'll have to face your greatest fear.
You'll realize the end is near.

What once was so bright has now turned pale.
What you had you can't redeem.
You crossed the line, no in between,
And there you'll lie while others cry,
Then say goodbye.

There comes a time to ask the question.
Where do my values lie?
Am I without conviction?
Am I a child of god beneath a blackened veil?
Has my divinity grown pale?
Has our divinity grown pale?

In unity our sould entwine,
Blessed be the pale divine.
Eternally our sould entwine.
Blessed be the pale divine.

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