Led Zepplin Travelling Riverside Blues Lyrics

That's right!

Asked sweet mama, let me
A-be her kid. She said-a
"Ya might get hurt if ya do y'oughta
A-keep it hid". Well ah-hah,
I know my baby
If I see her in the dark,
I said I know my rider
If I see her in the dark.

Now, I'm goin' to Rosedale
Take my rider by my side.
Still barrelhouse
But it's on the riverside, yeah.
I know my baby Lord, I said
Beware there's something wrong.
I know my mama Lord, a brownskin
But she ain't no plum ah-hah.

See my baby, tell,
Tell her hurry home.
Ain't had no lovin' since
My baby been gone yeah.
See my baby,
Tell her hurry on home.
I ain't had no, my right mind
Since my rider's been gone.

Hey, gonna stay my, she's my rider.
I wanna tell you she's my rider.
Blow your mind, she's my rider.
She ain't but sixteen but she's my rider.

I'm goin'a Rosedale
Take my rider by side.
Anybody argue with me man I'll keep them
Satisfied. Well, I
See my baby, tell her,
Tell her the shape I'm in.
Ain't had no lovin',
Lord since you know when.

Ahhh yeah!
My, my, my, my.

Why don't you come in my kitchen?

She's a kindhearted baby.
She studies evil all the time.
She's a kindhearted woman.
Studies evil all the time.

Squeeze my lemon
'Til the juice runs down my leg.
Squeeze it so hard
I fall right outa bed.
Can you squeeze my lemon
'Til the juice runs down my leg?
I wonder if you know what I'm talkin' about!
Oh, well the way that you squeeze it girl,
I swear I'm gonna fall right out of bed.

Ahh an' she's a good rider.
She's my kindhearted baby.
I wanna take my rider by my side yeah.
I said her front teeth are lined with gold.
She's got a mortgage on my body,
Got a lien on my soul.
She's my brownskin sugar plum.
She makes me

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