Montel Jordan and Bizzie Bone Falling Lyrics

Come and feel my thug love baby
This feelin'll get you with me
It'll drive you oh so crazy
Cuz I've been watchin' you lately lady
Round and round the world we go
To the next show
Bless your soul
Flesh know that I sure do miss you
After thuggin' off on this road so long
So come on
Let's get it on
Baby don't get me wrong
Baby I spose to b__p, b__p, b__p, b__p,
And you moan and you groan
See, I can picture this
Why you stallin'?
While this thug is out here ballin'
Hear this callin'
I wanna be fallin' for you (for you)
[Montell Jordan]
40 days since our first kiss
I sit alone and reminisce
What you said last night just took me by surprise
How you said you're not gone cry no more
You're waitin' to exhale
Having feelings that you're falling
Woman, I've already felt

[Chorus x2]
Oh, I'm falling for you
And I just can't help myself
Baby I'm falling

[Montell Jordan]
Contemplating what to do
falling faster over you
both my heart and pride are out there on the line
I dial your number on the phone
It's steady ringing
you're not home
If you're listening to this message
Girl I'm calling cuz I'm falling for you

[Chorus x2]

She be feel it runnin' through my blood, what?
You better not be so quick to judge
Much love to all of my people
Humble and peaceful
Fallin' for thugs
Devotion outspoken but chosen to shut you down
I would give you the
If I make it go round
Have a fun, beautiful night on the town
Way down
We havin' a party like everyday
Come around my way, hey
You know we parlay, parlay
Everyday we parlay, parlay
After it's all over
And you keep on callin'
I know that you have fallen for me

[Chorus: till fad]

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