Vortech Crescent Moon Lyrics

Three days later
an uncertain contact
Reaches out for survivors
A species beyond known s___e

We came here to propose an offer
You'll give us all and your own planet
And in turn, we'll save you from utter extinction

Is this what it has come to
Are we truly lost
This offer our only hope
the terms severely out of scope

Four more hours
They contemplate the offer
An offer which is clearly absurd

Do we have another choice?

The moon is full of questions
Salvation at what cost
The fate of humankind
the Scales of Prevailment

Left to us for to control
We have no need for you
Disposable creatures are what we crave
Something we wish to bereave
Your fate in our hands is the future
and the hope of your survival

Six hours more
And clearly this is not the answer
We'll have to find another way to the world

We won't accept your terms
We will prevail
We shall discuss no more
We are

The collective humankind
Is now determined to be
Here for many moons to pass

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