Vortech Mind Awakening Lyrics

Puppeteer your mind
An endeavour to the world inside
After all you've seen
Is there a return to reality?

Voyeurs of self
the secrets lie within
Created for you
By You

The mind is awakening
Can it be contained?
One-way journey
selfwilling loss of sanity

Stuck inside
entrapment of a third kind
unmarked glyphs hold all that's buried by time
But now they are set free

"The causes of such a disaster are presently unknown. We have
determined it to have started as a mass destabilization of
oscillating black holes, which caused turbulence within the
containing galaxy. However, the turbulence was so massive, it
couldn't contain and it set off a series of implosions that
at present have destroyed an estimate of 85% of the entire
universe, with no stop expected. We are truly doomed."

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