Vortech Judgement of the Amenti Lyrics

In death, what have we achieved
A final judgement shall be by them

Undoing hopelessly late
An issue open for grand debate
Cash on the scale holds no weight

Greed, death, money, schemes: corporate fools
Help, aid, welfare, charity: wasted tools
Rot, pus, goo, stink: exotic ghouls
Impact, burn, flame, frost: natural joules
War, guns, oil, bombs: money rules
All of the above: they all...

Burn in the pits
The amenti have spoken
Brace yourself for demise
in the soulburning device

Their destiny laid out by themselves
The only ones to blame are within

Money burns your soul - Condemned
Funny turns of fate - Alive
Flames burn your mind - Forever
Eternity of time to - Resent

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