Potluck ft. twiztid Funeral Lyrics

Your funeral nothing is for sure.
No one ever knows when its time to go [x2]

Verse 1:
Was livin life without worthy (why?) hatas comin to hurt me
i was sent on a vicious mission im hopin ya heard me
i disguised it with buts?? livin life around s___s
and why the hatas be jealous and then be all on our nuts
its a method of madness i smoke and act a fool
im a b__ im a drunk im a stoner just like you
high school i was 14 had blunts of the bama
believe it i was bout my bangin no more things from santa
fightin wit the ese's on every other thursday
they class was next to mine and my skin is hershey
never been to be a b____ the game taught me never snitch
mama said never go broke over a b____ (never)
tried to live it tight paid do everything the right way
hitchhikin on survival had to ride the devils highway
God will u forgive me come down and save my soul
death is here today dont got another day to go

Your funeral nothing is for sure
No one ever knows when it's time to go [x2]

Verse 2:
I was nothin,depressed, contemplating suicide
So down on myself, sometimes i wanted to die
Then when i learned to music all my pain just went away
My whole attitude changed, i started havin good days
I tried to live right by treatin people with respect
I tried to spread peace, like when it hit these protests
I tried to live my life happy without steppin on your toes
I tried to let us all get along friends or foes
Yo, i could keep a secret, i could make you feel worth it
I could make you feel special and i made it my purpose
Cuz i know what its like when your feelin down and alone
No where to go parents fighting so i dont wanna go home
Not a snake i stay humble, never cold to another but now its my time to go like the snow in the summer
So when im gone like king kong put the purple in the bong
Dont be sad i was glad we had fans singing along
It's over now my dead body's layin on the ground
I look down as im rising like the sun leaving the town
Im gone like poof, no more josh just his cd
So the last time you saw me is now the last time you'll see me


What will they say up at my funeral?
When i go who will know i lived it to the limit takin every turn up on this road?
At my funeral, what will they say?
What will they say when im buried one day? [x2]

Monoxide Child:
Think theres a line in life and since i died tonight I'll find out if i was right
I hope i get to make it up into the limeless flight
But if i dont and i go to hell just no that im alright
Now keep it burnin right, i know the devils been tryin to get with me for some years
And the forms of different people i swear to god they're my peers
And they tore me into pieces, my position is here and theres nothin that you can do me to make it disappear
Even though your sittin at my funeral starin at my casket
My legacy lives on to this day im everlasting
Now your kneeling next to me cryin, look me right in the face, tryin to wait hopin that its all just a mistake
And i awake all because your prayers and your faith forver im locked in your sould from the music i make
And if you wait for me here then i'll be back with the green and we can sit back and live it all over again.

Your funeral nothing is for sure
No one ever knows when its time to go

Bless me father please on that it all be a bad dream
I'm on my back in the casket with the ceiling above me
I'm motionless and this numbness allows no function so my hands are crossed in a box that im stuck in
Theres talkin and the voice is unfamiliar to me at a distance
But as they become closer they're growin clarity
They're speakin about buryin me with my hands stoned to mark my memory
I hear em' cryin and they wont let go, it doesnt make it easy when u cant return
But still i had so many things to learn and teach the listeners who would listen with such a love and conviction
And purchase the product over the counter without prescriptions
And now my vision is a double wide all o velvet interior with the poly cotton pillow
To rest my head upon but my spirits be goin
Fingers above my body while the choir singing this song

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