Anet No 1 Nation Lyrics

Verse 1
The world is full of mayhem, we're standing on a land mine.
History is breaking, we live in interesting times.
The 60's came and went and came, they're coming around again.
They're calling out for peace and love and understanding.
They're screaming in the cyber halls, lashing on graffiti walls.
Nobody wants to play with the insane man.

No one nation.
All I'm sayin'
is no one nation.

{Short Instrumental}

(Love you.)

Verse 2
Don't know what you're sayin', the truth is hard to find here.
It's very entertaining, but you're playing with my mind.
Looks like Armageddon will be live on CNN.
Yeah, we'll be watching it happen live on every station.
South Park Michael Moore may have a better story.
I'd laugh but it's such a deadly situation.

*Repeat Chorus

{Short Instrumental}

Don't need to start a war, we've started more than enough wars.
Just take a look at the chalk-marked floors; it's happening right outside my door.
Keep getting entertained by the famed insane who push the blame
when they're all playing the same game. (They just call it by a different name.)


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