Never Been In Love Lyrics

Never been in love. Woah.

How'm I gonna to get up the nerve
to ask this girl out?
I don't have the words.
All my systems freeze up,
you heard?
Plus, you know,
I might get hurt
and I know all about those
Maybe I've been programmed
to feel like I'm begging her.
No one could be in her place.
How'm I gonna win this race?
Come on baby doll,
baby girl,
we should interface.
Look at me, I'm smooth.
I don't need botox.
I could project a beach
and we could go walk.
But any time I'm near,
she won't talk
is it 'cause the only dance move that I know
is the robot?
Or maybe 'cause I smoke lots.
But that's only 'cause
she makes my hard drive
get so hot.
So what's the verdict?
Is it really worth it?
I'm a blow a circuit.
What now?
Don't wanna get shut down.

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