Chris Walla Sing Again (2006 demo) Lyrics

It was not tricky to enjoy...
A cigarette in hand was the key to understanding.
To seek out and to destroy
The mindless oversights,
The string of faithless nights,
We'd sing again.
We'd sing together with quiet eyes.
I'd lower my chin to my chest.
I thought that would be best.

But now, the pounding of the bricks:
Bundles of cells dividing,
And South Dakota driving
The very darkest dirty tricks.
If we still cared at all, we'd send a battle call and
Sing again.
We'd sing together with fiery eyes,
Our anger alive in our chests.
No, this is not a test:
Let's sing again,
Sing together without disguise;
Let's raise up a song in unrest.
I think that would be best.

Here's the poison.
You will hear the noises:
You will feel the breaking.
It's all yours for the taking.

A life packed full of mindless joy:
It is not easy to enjoy.

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