Foxy Brown Job Lyrics

Ughh, gimme some
Ughh, yeah, yeah, yeah, heh
Ughh, get sticky wit it
Ughh, get your name back
Not that, ughh

n____ wanna lay up on my couch, watchin' cable
Hands all in his pants, feet all on my table
n____s I don't know, rollin' 'dro
Optimo', blow you got to go n____, out the door
Tryin' to throw some hints
It's the first of the month, time to pay some rent
You could send them n____s home and hit the streets
Cuz you been layin' up chillin' in this b____ for weeks
Know that ice is nice and sticks is sleek
And the fridge is full, but the s___ ain't sweet
n____ get cause to floss, keep s___ that's new
Sure, you could charge it but the bill is due
See ballers like you gotta pay to play
Y'all Big Pun n____s gotta pay like you weigh
You could come by, s___, but you can't stay
Let my girl Mya sing what I came to say, c'mon

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