K.T. Oslin Love Is Strange Lyrics

Love, love is strange
Lots of people
Take it for a game
And once you get it
You don't ever want to quit
And after you've had it
You're in an awful fix
Lots of people
Don't understand
They think love is money in his hand
You sweet love is better than a kiss
And when you leave me
Your kisses I'll miss
Somebody asked me, they said, "K.T. how do call you call your lover boy?"
I say come here lover boy
And they say, "If he doesn't answer?"
Oh I say, oh lover boy And if he still doesn't answer
I simply say
Baby, my sweet baby
My sweet baby you're the one
Come on baby, my sweet baby
My sweet baby you're the one
You're the one, you're the one

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