Lenny Solomon Let's Go To Mars Lyrics

Why is there all this whining, bout everything I do
Dont care about my ratings, who elected me is you
So youve got no insurance, cant afford to drive your car
If you just had some character and faith you could go far
You see its not my problem, that hole that youre stuck in
You had it coming to you, for living life in sin

Chorus-Lets go to Mars, forget about your cares
Lets go to Mars, well bring a case of beer
Lets go to Mars, bet the huntings good
Ill bag me one of those aliens
Mount him on my hood
Lets go to Mars, no global warming there
Lets go to Mars, we can pollute the air
Lets go to Mars, be first to touch that soil
Plant me a flag, so we can drill for oil

Dont bring up that dirty war I started in Iraq
Its liable to upset me, better not do that
When you criticize me, it just hurts our troops
Who are defending all my interests, while dying in their boots
You enemy combatant, Ill give you a what for
Ship you to Guantanamo, then Ill slam the door


Im still the toast of Texas, just ask in any bar
Though I screwed the country, they still think that Im a star
Here neighbors trust their neighbors, thats why I tap their phone
It keeps their freedom ringing, and I feel less alone
Even though I love em, thats just where Im at
Besides a rumor has it, that ones a Democrat


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