Kajiura Yuki Vanity Lyrics

Enter the scenery of love
Lovers are in pain
They blame and pick on each other.
You play melodies of love,
Forgotten phrases,
tender and sweet.

Come a little bit closer,
don't stay in the shadows,my boy...
the melody's fading...
now or never,love will go.

I'll be there,by your side,
share your fears in silent redemption
touch my lips,hold me tight,
live in vanity for a while.

As winter melts in the sun,
Boys will be out,
Running and reaching for the light.
Oh,mother,please find me in a place
Before the memories tear us into pieces.

Clinging to affection,we somehow do learn to live
in endless motion..
Never coming back ,love will go....

You'll be there,by my side;
You may never know my devotion...
Feel my breath in the quiet night,
live in vanity forever....

Won't you feel my gentle emotion
let us live in peace with conviction!
If you're here,please hold me!

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