Within Walls Uppercuts Lyrics

My vocabulary may not contain the right words to really express what you mean to me but standing among the ones like you release a feeling inside that can´t be found somewhere else.

For you I´d throw myself into a fire without wasting a single thought about the fact that this would be my end. This is our little world within a place where human coherence is much more than just an empty phrase.

What is this all about? Speak out.
What is this all about? Speak out about what lifts you up or drags you down.

I take my right to drop the next few lines for those who misunderstood and smashed what they could have had with their own fists.

You and me we aren´t different ´cause I´m caught up in a rage too but placing your anger against the ones who share your views is like bungee jumping with the rope around your neck.

trouble in paradise so don´t cause some new.

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