A Hope For Home Casting Light Through Such Thin Shades Lyrics

we're casting light through such thin shades, and i am tired.
my legs fail, i cant move another inch without you
these are the things that will tell you if you are alive:
i always hear my heart is in my wrist, but mine is in my chest.
so love, we're almost home.

open up these walls and let each other in. we will live again.
i require your grace to see whats inside. trust your eyes and find your faith again.
burning heart to lift you off the ground, and let this life begin.
and i'll break these walls to get to you. i will never leave you.

stand up and reach out, your faith has made you well!
the vultures have gathered, but there is time enough to tell.
if the road makes us weary, we'll lift you if you fall
but is there time enough to tell?

dont lose hope, your wrists are scarred, but hold out strong. my son you'll change the world!
find your way back home, from birth he has made mention of your name.
for i swear to you, your heart is in your chest!

why cant we say, "your love means everything to me?"

"your eyes have opened wide!
these shades cannot hold back this light!
your voice can reach the multitudes!" - so take these words to heart, and reach out for your life. we have so far to go.

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