Machel Montano Ft Mr Vegas Dance with You (Reggaeton Remix) Lyrics

Just for me and you
Baby girl bring out my dancin shoes
This one goes out to my girl whoy
You gotta move those happy feet
To the to the beat here we go yo

Said come on, come on, come on,come on
We gonna throw a fet tonite
I said come on, come on
Said we gonna build a set tonite yeah
I said come on, come on
Girl we gonna rock a club tonite
Yeah, just me and you

I know I've done so many wrong things in the past yeah
Still what we have is everlasting
I dont wanna bring those old memories back yo
I just wanna love again oh oh
I spent so many nights up on this pillow
Watchin my life flow away ay ay
Now its time for me to get on out this house whoa oh
Cuz when I hear this music play

I juss wanna dance with you
A party ova here now for two yo

Cuz girl I get this feeling thats so true
Whenever I'm dancin with you

You got those crazy moves that take my blues away
Even when you're standin still uh
I wanna be up on you every night and day
Do anything for you I will oh oh
No more lonely nights up inside this house whoa
Come with me into the streets yeah ay
This is our time to give it what we got whoa
Girl lets move these happy feet


Come on, come on dance for me girl
Cuz your body look so s__y
Come on, come on get ready girl
Said I want you right next to me
Come on, come on 1,2,3 girl
Put your bod with 'nough energy
Come on, come on do it to me
Baby girl


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