Lipona The Citadel Lyrics

We were waiting for the moment
(Where are you?)
Drawn together by blood and a common bond
Life is fleeting sun, we must disown it
(We'll find you)
and Forge a higher ground
That'll raise us to the clouds
They will never ever catch us lying down

Our weakness lies in the fact that we exist
Can you resist the lure of an existential fabric
that is woven by your wit
I'm laying down the groundwork
We could follow it down the line
or through your spine
These thoughts are mine
and not your own
So give me life or lose your throne in time

This time, I'll try
to fight off opposition
cause I won't let them get to me
these walls will hold them back til retreat
This time, We'll try
to limit their resources
and they wont weaken my defenses
I'm takin back what once belonged to me

Just one at a time, we'll bring them down

Day by Day, We're making progress
The lines are moving forward to
Speed up this exhaustive process
We're going to make it over you
and you've been laying in these trenches
Just hoping to survive
and following your senses
that bring us back to mind
(Don't run, Don't hide, This time we fight)

This could make or break us
But we're not leaving without our pride

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