lame ducks Mind Game Lyrics

Once again...
You're playing with my brain. You're driving me insane.
You're running me over like a g______ freight train.
Pushing me closer to the edge...
I'm gonna fall into the realms of my mind.
f___ing with my simple thoughts, fooling with my easy mind.
Lurking in the shadows nearly all the time.
I walk around a corner, and I see you.
Pretty please tell me what you're trying to do with this behaviour!
You accomplish nothing by deceiving all the others,
with your psychopathic mind games.
I won't fall down and out again.

Do you know how people feel when you act this way? (Psychologically)
Do you know how it is to feel, when you ain't got a feeling?
Do you get the feeling? (No!)
Look back, rewind the tape.
Take me back to when I hadn't met you.
Erase the words you said.
With you in my mind I feel so dead

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