Cruel Humanity Goblins Lyrics

Words of wanderers
Come to squander us
Out by the east tower
Saw a campfire
Some of our brothers
Came back covered in blood
Gather your weapons, Take your positions
We must stand and fight, for what our kind have won, And lost

(Shadows past, Voices near, Elvish - words I cannot hear)

Into the darkness
On to the dark hall
There the battle won
Show no mercy
No Forgiveness
War till f___ing death!

We are out numbered
And falling fast
I don't know how long we can last
These humans came here
Day after day
To rule our home in there own f___ing way
The forest beckons
It calls our name
We leave tonight in the pouring rain
There's a war between us
We'll be back to fight
With all sworn foes of the Mimbrate knights,

Peace short lived
War up on you
Await our revenge.
Look to the west
For our coming
For our hate

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