Cradle Of Filth The Black Goddess Risers Lyrics

Thee I invoke, bornless one
All woman, pure predator
Wherein conspiracy and impulse dwell
Like a seething fall from grace

Thee I worship...

Thou art darkest gabrielle
No church shall bar our path
Seductive evil drink your fill
Of the bleeding christ in your arms

You are in my dreams
The darkness in my eyes
The rapture in my screams
Black goddess arise

Nothing will keep us apart
We could kill them all
If our desire tore free
Our union is one, sweet, sinful eve

And the night draws in beside her
As we embrace the dark side by side
I pour my soul to those eyes full of fire
To harvest the seed ploughed inside her

Archangel, snare the flesh
Suck dry the ebbing wound
Leave them lifeless and broken
My beloved...

Oh, how I craved for you
You so pure and other-worldly with your scent of winter
Am I to bleed myself dry to see your delight?

And the fear retreats forever
(come to goddess arise)
When my secrets are buried in thine
(come to goddess arise)
Under seven stars we came together
(come to goddess arise)
To plot the new ages decline
(come to me...arise!)

Ishtar my queen
Come forth to me
And help me seize
My future from the house of death

That in the release of immortality
I should slay their f___ing nazarene
Ah...the lies...the jew...i kill for you

Hidden l___s will break the gates and swarm
As love secretes the thrill for war
The virgin raped shall seek to w____
She-wolf bare your snarling jaw

caught in thy net of shadows,
What dreams hast thou to show?
Who treads the silent meadows,
To worship thee below?

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