Brownside Rest in peace Lyrics

Aqui estoy thinking about you carnalito
Everytime you cross my mind tu saves que me aguito
I remember when we used to kick back and have a blast
It's hard to believe that was back in the past
I remember those times like it was yesterday
I knew if I was there and you were here it'd be the same way
We never thought'd we'd go through anything like this
Now we sit back and pray and say Rest In Peace
All the homies got your name tatted behind their neck
Some on their chest and back, arm just to show respect
You're always on our mind everyday and every night
We miss you carnal, things just ain't right

[ Chorus ]
These firme memories, of my brother
They feel so wonderful
Rest In Peace, Rest In Peace

Every chance we get we're sitting by your grave site
Thinking about you, looking up in the sky
Mom sits back whiping tears from her eyes
We sit and talk about you and she starts to cry
She says how much she wants to hold you back again
In her arms like before, holding you by your hand
Every night we pray and think about you bro
It's hard to accept that you had to go
I sit back and drift and remenice of you
Of all the firme tiempos and the things we used to do
Simon carnal, you're in mi mente all the time
Tu tienes primero and you'll never stay behind
Your kids are growing up and they ask about you bro
They say they miss daddy but I guess you know
We say you're in the skies looking down at them
They stare at one another like they don't understand
d___ carnal, if only we could take time
Back to the days when everything was fine

Ooooohhh, I'm missing you

[ Chorus x2 ]
These firme memories, of my brother
They feel so wonderful
Rest In Peace, Rest In Peace

Sometimes I sit at the pad in the living room
Checking out your pictures, listening to some oldies tunes
The ones you liked, the ones you used to b__p
Confessing The Feeling, Try Me, and Let's Get It On
Takes me back to the days when you were here
Sometimes I close my eyes and I can hear you real clear
Rest In Peace in the heavens up above
Those you left behind from us got nothing but love
Simon carnal, that's how it is, you're being missed
Now all we have are the firme memories
We used to share in the days when you were here with us
Now another firme brother and a son is lost
I know we'll see each other cuz we'll be there some day
Rest In Peace carnal, for you we all pray

Ooooohhh, I'm missing you

[ Chorus ]

Heeey carnal
Do you hear me calling
I want to kick it with you my brother
Back to back, like we used to
With all the homies, homies
And mi corazon carnal

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