Lee Hyori Sadness Lyrics

*Every night and day I miss you And I will love you anyway
I'll take you. Look in my eyes
Every night and day I miss you And I will love you anyway
I'll take you, Look in my eyes
Even if the held in yearning as I waited becomes pain
I will always keep you, like a fool again today..

Need you, there were no words
Need you, thats separation
Because we need to look at each other and stand up and leave
Need you, with an awkward greeting
Need you, we clear up our hearts
And I shed black tears all night

My beautiful appearance
(Just breaking my heart)
I wanted to show it to you
I prepared a lot to show you

**As my makeup gets wet and smeared,
I try to tell you my heart but
(I'll take you, Look in my eyes)
I think I'm already out of your heart
(I'll take you, Look in my eyes)
Your loving feelings have stopped
And you coldly start to disappear but
The love that I have of you,
Still is abundant like it was yesterday

Need you, Its ok if you look away
Need you, You can just bear with me
I dont expect anything else but to just
Let me stay near you

Because maybe, if you are like me
(Just breaking my heart)
It wont be an easily forgotten memory

repeat *

The memories make the past love come out
It makes the tears fall
You left me as if nothing happened at all
I wonder where you are...

repeat **

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