Nate Dogg Been A Long Time Ft. Xzibit Lyrics

[Saafir as radio host]
Rrrah, uhh, b____!
It's radio radio station, cat Xzibit huh?
K-W-b____, Daniel Thompson hold like this
Like that in fact, with a fat-a__ Battlecat track
I'm takin caller number one, that is..
Rrrah uhh, b____ - you took too long
Caller number two like this..

[*BZZT*] Bounce up out of the house close to midnight
Full rack up in the back [*BZZ BZZ*] s___ is tight
Full charge and I'm out for somethin
Mass production, Battlecat bang percussion
End of discussion, hittin some corners, rearrange thangs
and brang change, we expand California
Listen - I lost more than I can ever gain back
from this road to riches, makin my heart turn black
So I'm cold to b____es, and I never call back
Plus I'm stoned and vicious, lay your whole hood flat
Get your, s___ together n____ Big Snoop Dogg told me
'Do music and leave that other s___ alone homey'
We came from dust, the X-odus, the hard to touch
Y'all n____z ain't f___in with us, and plus
it ain't nothin like standin on your own two
So run them streets, but never let 'em run you

[Chorus: Nate Dogg]
Time is steady wastin, steady wastin
Since time won't wait for me, yeah, won't wait, won't wait
Just give me a beat that's bang, give me a beat that's bangin
I'll bust 'til I'm deceased, yeah, wooo-oooh, ooh-ooh-ooooh

Tune in, witness the rise of a icon
The python wrap around 'til your breath gone
The upper echelon, and I'm the cat you pull a weapon on
and wanna squeeze 'til my life is gone?
Back to the wall and trust nobody
Sippin Cognac with Kurupt, Young Gotti
Somebody gotta recognize this
Throw fo' fingers up, add a thumb, then make it a fist
Number one draft pick, lead the league in a__ists
Give a f___ how you decorate your neck and your wrists
You just settin yourself up for the twist (gimme that) it's like this
Only a few slide through like the Schindler's List
Who's the b____, who's the mack, what's worse
the n____z that bring in the c__e or smoke the crack?
Metaphor figure four let it break your back (yeah)
It's been a long time, where the gangstas at?


d___ it feels good to be back in the saddle
On top of the game, crackin the frame, the heat of the battle
Been a long time comin but we waited
Xzibit went from bein hated, to makin the whole world say it
Give a f___ if the radio play it
n____z fall like the domino effect and you can't delay it
It ain't about who you are when you're makin your stack
It's the look that's on your face when you givin it back
So picture that

[Nate Dogg]
Time, keeps on slippin, slippin.. keeps on slippin away.. mm-hmm
My mind keeps on trippin, trippin.. trippin like ev-ery-day.. mm-hmm

[X] Yeah, it's been a long time


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