The Sharks Charlie Lyrics

Well Charlie was a schoolboy
he was only 12 years old
He hardly ever went to school
he didn't do what he was told
He bullied kids for money
he'd even rob the blind
He saved his pocket money
'cause he had somethin' in mind

Oh look out here comes Charlie
you'd hear the people say
Oh look out here comes Charlie
mind you don't get in his way

The teacher had a fit one day
made Charlie stand outside
But Charlie didn't hang about
he ran away to hide
He went down to the shop
where he had been many times before
and paid the last down payment
on that shiny new chainsaw

He ran back to the classroom
'I'll get you all' he said
The teacher tried to stop him
but he sliced off half his head
He butchered all his classmates
and just to make his day
He smeared blood on the blackboard
saying 'Charlie rules OK'

The headmaster sent a letter home
telling of what he done
'I know he is a lively lad
but this is not my idea of fun.
You must point out to Charlie
that what he did was bad'
But Charlie doesn't care because
he's killed his Mum and Dad

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