Madrugada 4-track Country songs part II Lyrics

- SONG 3 (t__le: Filthy McNasty´s Whiskey Café) -

oh twice I found love
and the archer was blind and he
he had no sould

so I took his arrow and bow and he said
off you go
and I decided I had to find you
on my own
and when I first came there
a goast opeaned up the door for me

and I play by asking
milk charlie or sugar in the tea

a rabbi singing
jesus was a sailor and he walked upon the water

it was a filthy mcnasty´s whiskey café
that I found thee

I don't know if she have what you want
or if I have what she needs
just know that I want her
that I want her to be happy
but I know it's not always so

'cause in spanish harlem
there's a hurricane of black doors that won't let go

and they're occupying her balcony so she can't see properly out of the kitchen window
in a way

well it's night and it's warm
and I'm going to bed wearing my uniform
and I don't think about what to do
I always think about what I should have done when she's gone

oh I always think about all the nice things I should have done
when she's gone
and she's gone
she's gone

- SONG 4 (t__le: unknown) -

(this is an instrumental)

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