(www.bluesash.net) Busta Rhymes feat Rah Digga - Together Lyrics

Hey yo Swizz..
This s___ sound like some s___
The streets wanna do the merengue to (yeah)
Or dance around a sombrero to, WHOO!!!
Yeah, another special from Flipmode Records
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah here we go!
Streets! Flipmode baby, yeah check it Busta Bus baby
Yeah, Rah Digga now, c'mon
Check it, huh
[Verse: Busta Rhymes]
If you ain't noticed yet I have come wit a throne
See I was gone for a minute but now I'm home
The way I touch it you can feel it in your bones
f___ wit the kid cause I'm taking you into another zone
See it don't matter what you think or what you say
I always love for the street every single day
You better get down on your knees, you better pray
Cause goin' against the grain of this Squad
I promise you will pay! (WHOO!)
You see Flipmode is the team that I rep forever
Respecting the Code of Honor staying together
It's getting hot I think you should take off the sweater
Rattle and knock all of your troops who goin to get this cheddar
See when we come I'm wondering how they gon' manage
Show em mysteriously watch how they vanish
See when we finish just a___yze all the damage
No matter who you are, we accept any and EVERY challenge (yeah)
Yeah yeah, I think we got 'em again this time
Flipmode c'mon!
[Chorus - 1: Mynx (Busta Rhymes ad-libs)]
I think I - I think wanna say something like this (like this)
People denying that they feeling our s___
So we hit 'em with the really crazy flow (crazy flow)
To let 'em know that we be hitting it fa' sho
Time goes by, in your life
And we're still here together
[Verse: Busta Rhymes]
I hope you know that this is really not a game-

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