artista unidad 6 Lyrics

Extracto de la Unidad 6
Comprando Camisas
A 15 there anything lean help you with, sir?
B Yeso I'm looking for short-sleeved eotton shirts.
A If you'd ea re to come over here, sir, we have a large selee
tion in eotton.
B Thank you. What have you available in neek size 15, in blue
or white? A Plain or patterned? B Plain, I think. No poekets. And an ordinary collar, not
b___on-down. Something simple.
A May I suggest this, sir? The cut is simple, yet elegant. We
have it in your size and in the colors you want. Would you
eare to try it on?
B Yes, thank YOU.
Variantes y combinaciones
Neek size 39 (metrie), in blue or white, plain, no poekets.
What color do you want?
Blue or white?
What neek size do you need?
neek size 1 5
What kind do you want?

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