Irving Situation Lyrics

and you said, "oh my, how you've let yourself go in the worst way.
"maybe you should try and take better care of yourself."
and i tried to explain that it's hard to complain, when
the worst part of you is the best part of me
and you listen to me
yeah, you listen to me.
i'm just trying to relax my imagination.
i'm just trying to correct the situation.
and i know that you know that i haven't been trying so hard.
my concentration level seems to throw itself out throught the window.
and now its starting to rain, and i'm losing my train
of thought, though its hard to remember all that i forgot.
it be fine if it were sometimes, but it happens a lot.
i'm just trying to avoid a confrontation.
i'm just trying to correct the situation.
i swear i was going to stop anyway due to boredom.
it was not that you were just encouraging me not to do that anymore.
and i don't want to have to argue with you,
because ther's so many things that i'd rather do,
than to argue with you
and to argue with you,
just to argue with ou.
i'm just trying to ignore what you've just mentioned.
i'm just trying to correct the situation.

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