Eddie the rocky horror picture show Lyrics

(dr. scott)
from the day he was born
he was trouble
he was the thorn
in his mothers side
she tried in vain
but it never caused her nothing but shame
he left home the day she died
from the day she was born
all he wanted
was rock and roll p___
and a motorbike
chewed he up the trunk
he was a low-down cheap little punk
taking everyone for the ride
(chorus all)
when eddie said he didn't like his teddy
you knew he was a no good kid
but when he threatened your life with a
Switchblade knife
what a guy
makes you cry
(dr. scott)
and i did
everybody shoved him
i very nearly loved him
i said hey listen to me
stay sane inside insanity
but he locked the door
and threw away the key
(dr. scott)
but he must have been drawn
into something
making him warn, me in a note which reads
what's it say what's it say
i'm outta my head
oh hurry or i may be dead
they musn't carry out their evil deed
(chorus 2x)
poor eddie

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