MAD TV Gangsta Shop Quartet Lyrics

"I'm a busy executive with no time on my hands.
And, I constantly find myself wanting to listen to gansta rap and barber shot quartet. I wish someone would come up with a way for me to listen to both at the same time."

"Well now someone has."


"Spishak Records presents the music you've all been waiting for."

"All right!"

"Yes, it's the gangsta shop quartet singing all the classics."

We're all illin'
'Cause we ain't done no killin' lately
But they don't wanna be <beep> my stank ho from me
Ho from me
Gonna get my gat
Gonna bust a cap
Rata tat tat
Rata tat tat
I'm gonna get my gat
Gonna bust a cap
Rata tat tat
Rata tat tat

"Teenage Widow, Crack Baby Please, Notorious D.O.A., s__ In A Lexus, Negro Please, Ninth Grade Gat, Gin And Jews, Ho Attack, and the classic, Got My Third Strike:"

Court date's today
What can I say?
I'm afraid they're gonna lock me away
Got my third strike
Got it last night
In a drive by massacre
Now, they're all dead
Simple shots to the head
It all happened in a blur
I sure like killin'
Now I'll be illin'
'Cause my third strike landed me in jail

"Romantic classics like No Vaseline, Big Booty Ho, Deez Nuts, b____ Slap Party, Up In Ya, America's Most Addicted, Rice Paddy Fatty, Chunky But Funky, Back To 'Nam Sam, Head Full Of Lead, or if you're in the mood for a little fun, how 'bout Give Up That Car?"

You're the cutest by far
But one thing's for sure
You're gonna die
If you don't give up that car

"Timeless classics to enjoy with that special someone or for when the whole gang is over."

Don'tcha give me no sass
I'll bust a cap in your a__
You know you better have my money
'Cause you know I own that honey
And her booty is on loan
I may sound crazy
But, her booty, I do own
Yes, I do own

"It's another gangta party from the gangsta shop quartet at Spishak records. Act now and you'll get over 400 song on four CD's for the amazing price of about $4.99. Send your money, today, to this address."

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