The Prophecy Willow's Hope Lyrics

Locked in this perpetual winter
Withered and forlorn
Folded over is the willow
Lonesome dowager of the field
Mourning for life now relinquished Until Death calls for She...

As we walk blindly into the night - Obscured by shadows
Race to meet our demise - Dead by dawn
Hope that we will be remembered - Tall and proud
If only we knew that the willow alone - would weep for us
For we are forsaken forever

The willow of the field, Why do you weep?
For me?
You weep for us all!

Lashed by the winds of autumn
But still you stand austere
Branches bent and broken,
The weight of feelings you bear
The grief laden wail of the widow
Calls to all who would hear her...

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