Stampin' Ground Killer of Society Lyrics

In the absence of a merciful god
Who will save them from the sins of their fathers?
Can't you see they're killing our society?
Raping and murdering children in their infancy
Men who, when l___ usurps trust
Take everything we hold dear and crush it to dust
No hint of malice in his eyes but behind closed doors the real darkness lies
Apparently a pillar of society who takes pleasures,
Oh so secretly he'd snuff out the light in their eyes
Right under our noses
In our homes
He hates this world of which he's apart and would paint it all the colour of dead
He cries for forgiveness but did he forgive them their cries?
Where compassion as tears filled their eyes?
A punishment to fit the crime
Killer of society
Why would anyone feel the need to slaughter the simplicity of childhood dreams?
Tearing at that blank canvas of virgin flesh splattered in shades of black and red
Can't you see the magnitude of what you've done?
Let the punishment fit the crime, you've nowhere to run yearning for the inner scent of the innocent
Then liberals blame us when we try to prevent these abominations from walking our streets
Feeding on our children like they're pieces of meat
We suffer the place of darkness cast upon youth
But now we are saying that enough is enough

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