Lucky Jim Lesbia Lyrics

I took myself a notion
To be across the ocean
I packed my things and boldly I did go

Ah see my wings unfolding
The heart a flower open
Just forget the little that you know

I'm riding with my lady
Her body hard against me
My Lesbia my queen of little rooms

Evangelists are singing
The sunday bells are ringing
She takes me spinning through the afternoon

And she waits for me to come
And my head begins to hum
You're the one that I adore
You're the one that i adore

Oh the day is fading
And my soul cascading song

Now the only thing as pretty
As snow in New York City
Was seeing you arriving on the scene

I long to take you strolling
Some rocking and some rolling
I long to kiss your mouth how long it's been

And I'll set you in the stars
And I'll put you in my dreams

You're the one that I adore
You're the one that I adore

But to love there must be love

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