Master P Just An Everyday Thang Lyrics

Verse 1 (C-Murder)

I guess its bout time for me to pay my dues
Just got shot got blood on my shoes
Two bullets in my chest that I cannot feel
Left the bulletproof vest in the Coup De'ville
I'm steadily getting weaker I don't know what to do
Picked up the mobil phone dialed T-R-U
Drove myself to the clinic with revenge on my mind
Had to stash all my dope and I hid my nine
Killa killa killa killa I'll pull your card
Just got out of jail beat a murder charge
Nigget n____z in the hood don't take no c___
Quick to get the gat and peel your cap
Release from the clinic and now I'm looking for a body
Strapped to the matt like a black John Gotti
Ruthless as f___ and my eyes is red
I wanna put a hollow tip in a m_________ers head
I got word on the street I got funk with the southside
I'm a show 'em how to do a f___ing drive-by
Riggety rolled on them slow in the Cadillac
Silkk behind the wheel, me and King in the pack
Master P in the passenger seat getting ready
Taking out the tech nine putting up the machette
Got close to them fools told Silkk to cut the lights off
Grabbed my sawed off and blew the n____ arm off
Rat-tat-tat tat-tat-tat then we bailed out
Got away clean smoking blunts in the house
I can't trip cause you reap what you saw man
Cause murder is an everythang thang


Its an everyday thang

Verse 2 (Master P)

I couldn't find a job so I started slanging crack
Ten m_________ers in a one room shack
Chopping up ?? 20's and 50's to get my cash up
?? this f___ing b____ to hold my m________ing stash homie
72 oz's that will be two keys
Cook it up with some cut and turn it into three
Open up shop and start serving double ups
5 days later watch a n____ f___ing bubble up
b____es on my d___ cause they know I'm living fat
And get the Lexus painted everytime it gets a scratch
But I ain't even tripping
cause I know these hoes don't like me
And every f___ing day the feds out to indict me
But I ain't going out on know m_________ing bullshit case
I'd rather slang tapes across the world state to state
Look for distributions start up my own company
So the major m_________ing labels they could hump me
No Limit came up quick just like a bullet
But Master P ?? we pull it
And all them playa hating suckes still talking s___
Better check Billboard the number one hit
Still on the hood on the under ??
Cause selling dope is an everyday thang


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