Kim Jaejoong Incomplete Lyrics

Whoo Ooh Oh yeah yeah Listen

Bright lights
Fancy restaurants
Everything in this world that a man could want
Got a bank account bigger than the law should allow
Still I'm lonely now

Pretty faces from the covers of the magazines
From their covers to my covers wanna lay with me
Fame and fortune still can't find
Just a grown man runnin out of time

Even though it seems I have everything
I don't wanna be a lonely fool
All of the women All the expensive cars
All of the money don't amount to you
I can make believe I have everything
But I can't pretend that I don't see
That without you girl my life is incomplete

Said without you girl ahh Listen

Your perfume
Your s__y lingerie
Girl I remember it just like it was on yesterday
A Thursday you told me you had fallen in love
I wasn't sure that I was

It's been a year
Winter summer spring and fall
But bein without you just ain't livin ain't nothing at all
If I could travel back in time
I'd relive the days you were mine


Oh yeah that without you girl ahh

I just can't help lovin you
But I loved you much too late
I'd give anything And everything
To hear you say That you'll stay


Without ya girl Without ya girl my life
Without you girl My life my life is incomplete
Without you girl My life is incomplete
Oh yeah My life is incomplete
Oh yeah yeah Whoo
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