Sole Drive By Detournment Lyrics

look ma, i'm lost in a perpetual present.
words as useful as seatbelts on airplanes.
can't learn notes, but i'm drawn to misery.
used to yearn for peace, but despise simplicity.
chop off the old songs and pretend to be,
the man i imagine myself in this society.
the outskirts is all i can afford.
'cause i'm as rich as far as i can exploit myself
and poor everytime i run out of money.
today less distance to age old 30.
apocalypsis, when my body gives up.
such is life it ends with my head on display.
some poems read,
maybe surviving members of anticon will come there and play for free.
these days i can't face myself without my lady,
if i had a soul, she would be my soul's mate.
i was murdered by numbers, saved by faces.
stored in a freezer 'till the drought became inclusive.
in ancient california, i loved the food, the "vote no" b__perstickers,
false utopias in northern europe.
watch the fascists march quicker these days
and drag us into permanent alienation.
you who act as apologists for the great decay
will be the first to see why it's no good to sing for the emperor. and his holy guards.
indeed, you are more famous than i,
more "successful" than i,
perpetuate more stereotypes than i,
and we were never even that close...
but when i see you in hell, you'll be feeding me grapes.
i know you wanna stand and say your entire persona is false as any jefferson speech,
we are all at war... most in denial, just want comfort.
speak no common good, make money, make a capitalist holiday permanent.
i see the world as it invented us,
millions of stars stirring perfect and pointless.
be it the roots in my teeth,
us walking dead plants seek cover;
from big bangs, to black holes.
only techniques of oppression have been refined.
hide under this blade, or under the sky,
it's like in the movie, 'cept with no endings.

i ain't got even, i ain't even close.
i've bore the cross, paid the costs
now it's time to stop playing god's chosen frozen children
selling weapons named after indians to israelis.
my russian homies in tel aviv are trapped.
finish hitler's work, or you can go to jail.
the victims of genocide recreate apartheid,
i say love thy neighbor or go back to poland.
back in portland, the fishermen are starving.
back in beograd they've made something out of sanctions.
and people like me just wanna eat and laugh.
it's the way i live my life and i just keep going back to an idiot's paradise,
the people think i'm crazy.
i'd sign up for revolution but my people are too lazy.
and i don't wanna be the only one to die with no where left to go.
so f___ the world, in the only language i know...
everything but the air is against me,
it'll take a million umbilical cords to reach me,
i need a little s___e like 50,000 stars.

"its official, i'm an official, of the vatican army, reserve..."

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