Lingam's Devil Curry Lyrics

well he looks,
something like me
(look something like me)
he also sounds,
Something like me
(sounds something like me)
But he is fat and he's ugly
so it can't be me
Must be a devil in disguise'
imitating me
Devil in disguise
In court
are you fooling us,
with your answers
is it
Correct,correct and
Pom pom pom
only heaven knows
Who was speaking on the
FAIRUS or was it the booze!
I'm not close
to all these witnesses
(Ex-PM and the judges)
They're just mere acquaintances
(Tycoons and Ministers)
I am a lawyer with a conscience
except when i'm overseas
(with Eussof Chin)
I'm with my
BUDDIES in disguise,
Yes we are,
bosom buddies in disguise
Everyone loves to follow me
but first accidentally meet
Enjoy our fruits of labor ,
We did hand in hand
from Spain down
New Zealand
Well he looks,
like he's able
(to turn the tables)
He also sounds, like he's able
(he's very capable)
He's got very strong cables
He might get away....
with witnesses that
will deny ...
The truth and compromise ...
The old devils in disguise ...
lawyers who specialize ...
So now to summarise ...
You sold our country's
legal rights!

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