Ay n____, ain't you Mac
What you doing in this m_________er

Camouflage n____ what, you'll catch me in the cut
f___ing s___ up for every n____, the bigger pig the bigger trigger
Cause my n____z, in the river
Stories about the Mac, will make 'em shiver
They prolly at they crib loading they techs, wondering who I'ma smoke next
Patrolling they set, Malcolm X n____
The New Orleans Jesus, pack a tre-deuce
And you can bring the drama to Zeus, if you heard about what that 3rd about
n____ feel that, that fake s___ we bout to kill that
On the for real black, I never show-boat
Be on the low, like a black sto' the Mac flow
Sorta like a cracked flo', a different plateau the Mac show
When I attack though, I never turn my back cause
The bullets, penetrate the back slow

C-Murder (what n____), man number 187
(what's hap'n), oh you in on murder one
(f___ing right), get your s___ boy you going upstate
(f___ the world b____)

n____ I'm C, m_________ing Murder never scary
But it's very necessary, to leave my adversaries buried
Crack sales bring b____es in lines, but I'm eternal
Lethal weapons stay c___ed, many n____z may drop
From the top like flies, I despise you hoes
With crooked smiles, make a n____ wanna 'nap your child
n____z bleed, my enemies fearing attack
They move with silence, when n____ bring the violence
Do they know, me and my soldiers tighter than glue
We pass b____es and weed, my n____ Mac planting seeds
Let the devil tell it, bailing making the scene
I whoop the n____ a__ in jail, he was a dope fiend
And no collect calls, ghetto pictures on the wall
You gotta crawl and fall, before you ball n____ f___ y'all
Around the way, my n____z feel what I'm spitting
It's Camouflage and Murder n____, so pay attention b____

Curren$y, I hope you got currency
Cause your bail two million dollars, you understand that
You lil' rap mother-(hol-hol'-hol'-hol' up man
I got two million dollars cash, call Stan
I'm out this b____, you heard me)

What you gon do, when you get out of jail
Skerch off the scene, in a yellow ML
4-30, Benz truck
With four b____es inside, who all about letting a dog and his friends f___
I'm too large, for haters
My n____z smoke bud tote guns, picture they all on paper
I'm talking bout n____z like Big, you know who
Ceedy, Wayne, Geezy f___ it the whole crew
Uh we all roll with nines, and bout letting 'em fly
But I try to stay on the low, with mine
Catch lil' daddy slipping, point the 4-4 at his spine
Leave your body in the forest, where no one can find
And you boys, don't want none of that
I know n____z that look at jail time, like Summer camp holla back

Yeah ya dank, ha-ha-ha

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