Path Of Possession The Butchers Bargain Lyrics

I have traveled to the point of exhaustion now I'm here
Many nights I have tried to justify what I feel
I have killed your father, I have killed your friends, I killed them all

War-has been declared on all you love
War-will never end until you die
War-will never end

I count crushed faces in my mind, all who you know
Torn bodies left behind all dead
Their festering corpse all their blood is on your hands
My father, my father

Many nights I have tried to justify what I do
I've tried to feel and I've tried to love, all it brings me is pain

I'm coming apart
Forced feelings of emptiness
Tried to feed my l___ on the blood of your family
Ive stared in their eyes
Lifeless and hollow
Everyone Ive killed they wore your face

Life is my only tragedy
No one here to share my fate
All I want from you is another like me

And for this precious gift
I will grant peace to you and all your kind
Forever away from the world of men

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