Chiasm Formula Lyrics

kick, snare
kick, release me
no peace
the clones they want to be
you'll never find in me
they yearn to be the same
how could they be so plain
they wanted love too much
come here and beg to touch
I'll hold onto the truth
and grasp onto my youth
repeated jealous phobia
I know it's just a formula
what is normal?
what everyone else is and you are not
what is normal?
what everyone else is and you are not
when will there be something rare
you know someone has got to care
all that lingers everywhere is never-ending
kick, snare
kick, snare
insert sample here
i'll never be the same
i'm left with what remains
of what they thought was lost
i'll have to bear the cost
for years i tried to do
all that could not be true
i'll have to learn to be
what lurks inside of me
the way you once were with me then
reminded me you were a friend
and now that we've remained apart
i've found another's broken heart
alone i've cried and felt the pain
we'll have through life again, again
but love will heal our souls at last
and let us live without the past
repeated jealous phobia
i know it's just a formula

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