carlos_santana_-_changes Lyrics

Juelz Santana]
Aight I want you to sing
Life changes on a daily bases, every minute every

Life changes on a daily bases
every minute every hour still we try to save it (aight, aight, aight)

[CHORUS - Razah]
Life changes on a daily bases
Every minute every hour still we try to save it
But I gotta keep moving and make it
Heaven good, Lord knows life is crazy

[VERSE 1 - Juelz Santana, Razah]
Happy New Year people (people)
The ball done dropped, guess you can say the new year's legal (yep)
s___ my resolution was (what)
Do everything I been doing, better than I usually does (yep)
My momma knew I was (was)
Everything I knew I was, I was destined for greatness
I knew I would be rescued by greatness (uh huh)
My first album was too farfetched for the matrix (couldn't touch it)
Now it's all simple, checkers and basics (basics)
21 blackjack check for the aces (uh)
21 cats act I'm checkin for faces
Brought 21 gats back like them was the faces (d___)
21 gats clap left em' in braces
With his shoes tied but he never had laces (d___)
We was just trying to bar-b-q out there
But he started like I wouldn't start a bar-b-q out there (d___)
Like I wouldn't make him dodge a few out there {yea}
Good thing the car was parked out there {oh yea, oh yea}


[VERSE 2 - Juelz Santana, Razah]
I'm just trying to enjoy the fun in my life
Plus now I got a lil son in my life (s___)
Thats the one in my life, that keeps me up in the night
Writing these rhymes so he can live a comfortable life
Cam got to feed him and lil cam (yep)
Jim got to feed him and lil jim (yep)
Zeke got to feed him and lil zeke (yep)
Now I got to feed me and lil me (yep)
And these kids eat like lil beasts
They grow every hour need clothes every hour
Thats why I got to make dough every hour
Do a show every hour hit the road every hour
Two flights a day (day)
I'm in states so far that if you drove it'll be two nights away (cali)
Who nice as me s___ blue ice on me
And when I land s___ new viper grey


[VERSE 3 - Juelz Santana, Razah]
I'm so great when I do it
I sold flame to the fluid, lit it made it my music
Thats fire (ha ha)
Who could deny it', who could apply it' (apply it)
Same pressure that I do if you could then try it (try it)
s___ you just tryin to flood the pipe
I'm tryin to apply so much pressure that I bust the pipe (BUST)
And I done bust the pipe
Wide open cause (Life changes on a daily bases yea)

[Break - Razah]
I'm just tryin to feed my family
Just tryin to be all I can be
Just tryin to survive these crazy streets
Times is hard but it's gonna get better trust me
I've been struggling all my life
Makin these songs to get these right
In studios morning till night
But I know it's gon be alright

[CHORUS 2X Till Fade]

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